Nu Calgon Ice Guard AP


Ice Guard AP contains advanced Nano Titanium technology to prevent and control slime and other microbial growths in ice machines. Ice Guard AP was custom designed to inhibit the growth of a wide variety of bacteria that causes slime found in ice machines. The technology utilizes the known antimicrobial properties of titanium to interfere with the microorganisms’ cell replication and overall organism function. This technology is incorporated into a drop-in device, which is placed directly into the recirculating water sump, providing treatment of the machine in one easy step.

Bacteria is a natural occurrence in our environment, and it can be waterborne or airborne such as yeast found in bars and sandwich shops. Once it enters an unprotected ice machine, it can begin to develop into a slime growth, and this is one of the major reasons restaurants are fined and ultimately closed. It presents a serious risk to both the business establishment, health of the customers and quality of the beverage. Slime growths can reduce the quality of the ice (bad tastes and odors) as well as the size of each harvest. Ultimately, expensive service calls must be confronted and the life of the ice maker itself is shortened.

Ice Guard AP reduces these risks, and it significantly reduces the down time and high costs associated with service and cleaning.

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Ice Guard AP, Mini Ice Guard AP