Robertshaw Universal Uni-Couple


The Robertshaw® 1900 Series Thermocouples include either a special low-mass or quick dropout thermocouple. It is usually found on applications that require an oxygen depletion system on the thermo safety. It is also found on many LP gas applications that require a quick dropout of the thermo safety if there is a loss of pilot flame.

The Robertshaw 1970 Series Uni-Couple® design allows for installation to virtually all pilot
burners. The versatile zip nut may be pushed, pulled or threaded onto the thermocouple's rolled threads for proper positioning in every application.

Feature List

  • Easy burner installation with attached threaded nut

  • Stainless steel outer jacket for long life and resistance to heat blistering

  • Combination of copper and nickel alloys for good electrical conductivity

  • Mica washer to insulate from shorting conditions

  • Tinnerman clip included

  • Various lengths available for multiple applications

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Additional information

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 3.25 × 3.25 × .75 in

18" Universal Uni-couple, 24" Universal Uni-couple, 30" Universal Uni-couple, 36"Universal Uni-couple